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from industrial constraints

Produce your tools, machining, prototypes, series and models with advanced technical freedom in a reduced timeframe.


100% integrated
development flow.

We act on the entire industrial development flow from the complete study to the control of manufacturing tools and produced parts.

With a dual vision guaranteed by an integrated design office in the production plant, ALMAY Technologies has a wide range of work skills for the optimal implementation of your projects
We intervene from the upstream phases of the projects that are entrusted to us. Our role as an integrator of designs, interfacing and innovative mechanical concepts is recognized in the aerospace, automotive, nautical and industrial sectors.
Acting on a multi-material environment around the parts and tools, we have developed a calculation pole which works in direct relation with the design office, which allows our research department to be completely autonomous.

Research and Development

The work of our R&D department, associated with our culture, aims to initiate a rapid eco-responsible transition process.
In fact, three areas of development are carried out around materials (bio sourcing), processes and recycling. The reflection is not only oriented on finished products but extended to processes and design.

ALMAY’s range of proposals for tooling, composite parts, prototypes and models requires a higher level of control in multi-material processes. For this reason, a quality approach is implemented at the heart of the manufacturing processes in order to be in line with customer’s requirements.

ALMAY’s role in the integration and industrialization of our customer’s projects leads to a deep and precise implementation of this quality, whether in the design office or in the workshop.

Our 4500 m² production site allows us to organize all our manufacturing by dedicated sectors in order to be efficient. The strength of our machine park and our industrial means ensures to our customers a maximum reactivity and reliability.

Our different workshops do not have the same constraints, so we have set up sector by sector workflow, guaranteeing adequate paths to the manufacturing cycles of the parts.

For confidential projects, opaque work spaces are fitted out.

As the capability of the control steps has become essential, Almay has set up a dedicated and capable sector. An investment plan has been carried out concerning the integration of two high-performance control arms allowing controlling range up to 3 meters in diameter.

In addition, a continuous training approach for our operators on control methodologies has been adopted in order to be a force of proposal on these aspects.

More globally, our quality department guarantees the conformity of our products when they leave our factory.

The richness of multi-materials
The agility of multi-processes.

Our multi-material and multi-process know-how allows us to integrate the agile method into the industrial process, to make project’s timings more flexible and to provide technical freedom that is not currently available or complex nowadays.

Reducing the time to market

The “time to market” is an increasingly important notion for our customers, which continually pushes us to find technical and organizational opportunities to reduce our processing time.

PROJECT Study and manufacturing of 5 helicopter blades (including carbon fibre moulding tools)
GAIN Reduction by half of the initially defined schedule.

Ensuring that the tolerances are maintained

In order to reverse the balance of power between design offices and production units (via limits imposed on technical specifications), it is necessary to increase the performance in dimensional stability of the tools.

PROJECT Study and manufacturing of a high temperature draping mould
GAIN Garantir des tolérances sur des surfaces de plusieurs mètres carrés (+/- 0,2 mm sur 4 m²)

Lighten the structure of the tools

The reduction of the weight of tools is one of the major challenges for the industry in the years to come, particularly with regard to the importance of the fears linked to the notions of MSD (musculoskeletal problems) and the limit of load per operator. The objective is to continue to progress on the geometrical capabilities of the tools with minimum weight.

PROJECT Study and manufacturing of 80 carbon-based multi-material drilling grids.
GAIN All the parts can be handled by only 1 operator, and mechanical properties are increased (positioning tolerance +/- 0,2 mm on double curved tools > 1 m)

Ajouter des fonctionnalités

A l’image d’entreprises en pleine révolution et de plus en plus agiles, il est nécessaire d’hybrider les fonctionnalités des sous ensembles et de proposer des outillages remplissant des fonctions jusqu’alors cloisonnées et isolées. Pour cela, il faut repenser les conceptions, les méthodes d’assemblage, et plus généralement la maitrise des matériaux et de leurs fonctions.

PROJET étude et Fabrication de 44 raidisseurs de nervures
DELAI 6 mois
GAIN Outillage remplissant 6 fonctions en une pièce : raidissage fibre neutre, raidissage des bords tombés, resistances au flambement local, mise en position via cible, poids global inférieur à la limite pour 1 opérateur, MIP et MAP du sous-ensemble avion.

Multi-material matrix

Almay’s aim is to redefine the most appropriate material/process combination for each project in order to meet the customer’s requirements in the best possible way. To meet this objective, the multi-material matrix is the essential tool for our thinking.

Cycle lifeA %
Tenue des tolérancesB %
Dilatation en cycleC %
CostD %
Dimensional LimitE %
Lead Time F %
ErgonomicsG %
Eco-responsibleH %

Our industrial resources

The various business segments developed at Almay require high-performance industrial resources that allows us to be agile and maintain the critical parameters of the various processes under control.
These resources combined with the expertise of our operators enable us to exploit their full potential.

Know-how and experience at your service.

Our teams will assist you with the technologies, processes and materials adapted to the realization of your projects.

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